[Developers] flush-ing stdout in cctk_vinfo

Bela Szilagyi szilagyi at aei.mpg.de
Wed Jan 31 11:21:47 CST 2007

After some hours of fooling myself (while checking stdout of various processes 
from the same run), I realized that a 


after debugging CCTK_VInfo(...) messages is crucial if one cares for every 
single line of output.  One of my processes hangs and I want to know which 
process is at what point in the source  code.

The loss of output lines is there even if I request, in the 
comand line, that, output would not be buffered.

Apparently the non-buffering options are implemented in a way that would not 
work across all systems, (e.g., peyote nodes).

Can we add the "flush" to the end of the cctk_vinfo?  From what I understand, 
Jonathan Thornburg  has already suggested this...

Bela Szilagyi
Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik
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