[Developers] Fwd: [CactusMaint] CactusBase/2090: Patch: Provide number of integration substeps

I.Hawke i.hawke at soton.ac.uk
Wed Sep 5 10:25:42 CDT 2007

Erik Schnetter wrote:
> On Aug 28, 2007, at 05:32:29, I.Hawke wrote:
>> I agree. My only thought is if you want to pass the GH through; if
>> (when) multi-models comes in, it may be the case that different time
>> integrators are required for different models, and I assume that info
>> would be stored on the GH.
> None of the other MoL functions take a GH.  If you have different 
> models, you would certainly have different variables in these models.

True. In fact on second thoughts extending MoL to multimodels will 
require quite a bit more work than just the public functions, so scratch 
my thought.


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