[Developers] Adding C/C++ indexing functions for vector grid variables

Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Tue Dec 8 14:08:51 CST 2009


On Fri, Dec 04, 2009 at 09:16:47PM -0800, Erik Schnetter wrote:
> Add functions CCTK_VectGF1D, CCTK_VectGF2D etc. and the corresponding 
> macros CCTK_VECTGFINDEX1D etc. that allow indexing into vector grid 
> variables.  Vector grid variables require an additional index, namely 
> the vector index.

static inline int CCTK_VECTGFINDEX2D (const cGH *GH, int i, int j, int n)
  return (i + GH->cctk_lsh[0]*(j + GH->cctk_lsh[1]*n));

This is effectively identical to

static inline int CCTK_GFINDEX3D (const cGH *GH, int i, int j, int k)
  return (i + GH->cctk_lsh[0]*(j + GH->cctk_lsh[1]*k));

It duplicates the code. However, simply calling CCTK_GFINDEX3D from
within CCTK_VECTGFINDEX2D might destroy the inline compiler

What are the feelings about the following?



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