[Developers] [Patches] RPATHDIRS for thorn-internal libraries

Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Tue Oct 27 18:18:09 CST 2009


On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 06:05:07PM -0500, Erik Schnetter wrote:
> Does it make sense to have the RPATH_DIRECTORY and LIBRARY_DIRECTORY  
> different?  It would be easier (and backward compatible) to use  
> LIBRARY_DIRECTORY for both the link-time and run-time search path.

It would not be backward compatible, for the reason you state below:

> In  
> most cases, it also doesn't make sense to use different search paths  
> at link time and at run time.

You might want to do exactly this: exchange a library after compiling
against it. As long as the API does not change, this should not be a
problem. For instance I did this while tracking down memory problems
with the hdf5 library. I had different versions of the same library and
the same version number in different directories and could switch
between them simply by changing my environment variables.

On the other hand I agree that this is a quite special case and not used
so often and we could drop this support. This would also cleanup some
simfactory option lists a bit, where rpaths for libraries like hdf5 are
usually specified by hand.

The current patch tries to be as least invasive as possible, only adding
one special case for the 'new' Cactus-internal libraries and not
changing anything else.

> Yes, the Cactus build system requires autoconf 2.13.  We typically  
> only audit the changes to configure.in, and then just re-generate  
> configure before committing to cvs, independent of how extensive the  
> changes are.  Most of the changes are probably only due to differences  
> in line numbers and can be safely ignored.

Most of them are, but not all. Some of the tests use (or don't) include
files or use 'return' instead of 'exit' (or the other way around).
Aparently autoconf2.13 is not equal to autoconf2.13.


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