[Developers] GetCactus with thorn list can lead to inconsistent checkouts

Erik Schnetter schnetter at cct.lsu.edu
Wed Oct 28 10:07:52 CST 2009

I came across the following scenario:

- check out Cactus with the GetCactus script
- specify "development version" of Cactus
- use a thorn list to download some thorns at the same time

This fails if the thorn list specifies the cvs repository for the  
stable versions of the thorns.  Although there is no warning, the  
flesh and the thorns are then inconsistent.  This is also very  
surprising since the user specified using the development version  


Erik Schnetter <schnetter at cct.lsu.edu>   http://www.cct.lsu.edu/~eschnett/

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