[Developers] Einstein Toolkit and GetComponents

Allen Gabrielle gallen at cct.lsu.edu
Mon Apr 5 20:57:56 CDT 2010


I wanted to alert you to two things

1) We are working in the NSF CIGR project on a new "Einstein Toolkit" which is a revamp of the old CactusEinstein arrangement and associated thorns, with additional capabilities for GR Hydro, and which includes new thorns provided by different groups in the community. The toolkit will include working production codes for hydro and vacuum space times, and the development and support will move to a community model. We're still working on parts of the first release of the Einstein Toolkit, in particular it will mean moving some thorns around, but you can see the current state by looking at these pages


I hope that those of you working in numrel will be registering as users of the software as we roll this out and getting involved in helping to fashion this into the right kind of community tool to support computational relativity. Once we're a bit closer to having things ready more information will be sent out on the list, but would welcome and discussion of this now. 

2) Since we will be moving some thorns around into different repositories, we also want to take the opportunity to roll out a new version of the GetCactus tool. I'm quite sad about this since I wrote GetCactus originally, but it was becoming a struggle to add in all the different versioning systems we have to support now, and also with thornlists getting longer we wanted to make it easier to share lists. 

We have designed a new language (not too different from the old one) for the thornlists, which is now not specific to Cactus, and allows you to check out additional tools you might be using, such as SimFactory, or your groups shared parameter files. Eric Seidel has written a new GetComponents script available here


that implements this language, and we are trying it out with the Einstein Toolkit component list


To see information about using the script and the syntax of the thornlist, you can run GetComponents with the "-man" option. 

We would appreciate you looking at the new syntax in the thornlist and trying out the script to get your requests for changes or comments. 



Gabrielle Allen
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Louisiana State University
gallen at cct.lsu.edu

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