[Developers] [Patches] CarpetIOHDF5 indexes

Erik Schnetter schnetter at cct.lsu.edu
Sat May 15 17:16:45 CDT 2010

On May 15, 2010, at 16:58 , Ian Hinder wrote:

> (Sent to Cactus list because Carpet list is down)
> I have recently been working on improving the performance of the  
> visitCarpetHDF5 plugin.  I noticed that for large files it spends a  
> lot of time when the file is opened reading dataset attributes.   
> Since these are stored in amongst the raw data in the HDF5 files,  
> this can be very inefficient due to block reads transferring more  
> data than is necessary.  The attached patch to CarpetIOHDF5 adds  
> support for writing an "index" HDF5 file at the same time as the  
> data file, conditional on a parameter "CarpetIOHDF5::output_index".   
> The index file is the same as the data file except it contains null  
> datasets, and hence is very small.  The attributes can be read from  
> this index file instead of the data file, greatly increasing  
> performance.  The datasets have size 1 in the index file, so an  
> additional attribute (h5space) is added to the dataset to specify  
> the correct dataset dimensions.  For a file phi.file_0.h5, the index  
> file will be named phi.file_0.idx.h5, and you will get one for each  
> data file.
> I have also written support for these index files for  
> visitCarpetHDF5.  For a test case, it reduced the time to open the  
> file initially from 160 seconds to 20 seconds.

This patch is backwards compatible; please go ahead and commit it,  
unless there are problems with the corresponding patch to the  
visualisation reader.


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