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Gaurav Khanna gkhanna at umassd.edu
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Hi Everyone —

With a colleague, I’m serving as a guest editor for a special issue of the well-estabished IEEE / AIP journal Computing in Science & Engineering. The special issue is titled ”Supercomputing-Enabled Advances in Science & Engineering” and we’re interested in papers that report on impactful advances enabled by large-scale computing in any area of science / engineering. All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed.

Given the major discovery in our field over the past year that was possible (partly) thanks to large-scale NR computations of compact binary systems, we would love to see some papers reporting on that broad subject in this special issue. The submission deadline is November 1, 2017. You can find out more about the special issue here:


I’m hoping some of you consider this invitation. Please note that the papers should be written for a somewhat broader audience in mind (the readership of the journal spans all areas of computational science / engineering).

Thanks for your consideration.

GAURAV KHANNA, (508) 910 6605, http://gravity.phy.umassd.edu
Professor, Physics Department, College of Engineering
Co-Director, Center for Scientific Computing & Visualization Research
Graduate Program Director, Engg & Appl. Sci. Ph.D. Program
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

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